Magic – six word story

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Magic is hidden where it’s sought.

© Nadia Brown




Poetry Contest Deadline: June 1st

For all the lovely poets out there… good luck!

the poet's billow

There are only two weeks left to submit to the Pangaea Prize.

The Pangaea Prize is awarded for the best series of poems ranging between two and up to seven poems in a group. Judging will be based on poems as individual entities as well as their cohesiveness – that can be in terms of common themes, images, narrative or however else you would like to group your poems. All poems must be previously unpublished.  There are no restrictions to length or style. Click here to read last year’s winner, Bon Vivants Hereafter by Greg Emilio.

Submit now. We have already started reading entries and hope to announce a winner by the end of June.

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This is part of Sonya’s 3 Line Tales weekly prompt! Photo by Erol Ahmed.

She paused at the wooden box overflowing with lemons. Their scent always reminded her of home. But then again – it was never quite right; there was something missing, every time. Maybe the ocean sounds, maybe the distinct belligerence of the Costa Brava gulls. Something that kept the memories just beyond her reach. Hmm…she toyed with the fruit, picking one up and then another, gently pressing the flesh between her fingers. With a sigh, she motioned to the stall proprietor. He raised his head from his magazine and began to place lemons into a paper bag.

“Just a few,” she nodded. “For lemonade.”