Beta readers – administrative post!

I have a question…

I’m wondering who uses beta readers to help in their writing process? If you do, where do you find them? What works for you and what is most helpful in the exchange with a beta reader? Is anyone interested in becoming one? Having one? Interested in exchange of beta reading services?

Okay, so that wasn’t true. I actually have many questions…

Alternatively (or in addition): is anyone involved in a writing circle/group that has been very helpful? Or would you be interested in creating one? Have room for one more in your group?

I would love to know what works for you! And if you have interest in combining our resources in some way, please let me know. I would be very happy to explore ideas about this. I tend to write fiction, mostly flash or short stories, but am open to beta readers (and to beta reading) of most genres and types of creative writing.

Happy writing and happy Friday!




11 thoughts on “Beta readers – administrative post!

  1. Hey there! I love the idea of it but have a fear of committing beause of the time involved in truely giving to other writers in a group. I have a beta reader of sorts in my tutor who is part of a course I’m taking. Have you looked into camp nanowrimo? Seems lots of active groups on there. Best of luck with it. If you give an idea of type of feedback you’d like- happy to be your sometime beta reader 😊

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    1. Thanks so much for commenting and for your helpful thoughts. I’m like you – I have been a bit hesitant to join an official nanowrimo (or other) group, due to the time commitment. Something a bit more flexible would work better for me – and it sounds like for you as well. If you would indeed be interested in sometimes – occasionally? – sharing some beta reading time, I would really like that. if you wish to contact me directly. Thank you again!

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      1. You’re welcome! Sorry to be so elusive but with nanowrimo in nov and december catching up on stuff I’ll have shelved in the coming month, ill probably have zero time til jan or feb. Do you plan on posting the pieces you want feedback on, on your blog and marked as such?

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      2. Oh, no problem at all. Good luck with nanowrimo! I hope to hear about your progress. Will be doing a modified version of it — like you, I have many other time commitments as well. 🙂 I would be thrilled to reconnect about beta reading in the new year, or whenever. Always happy for a new opportunity to learn and share. I’m not likely to post that material online, as they are stories I’m hoping to submit for publication and many places do not want material that has been posted – even on a personal blog. Don’t want to close any doors! Have a great November!! And thank you again.

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  2. Also involved in NaNoWriMo so November is out of the question…but having been through a couple of in-person writing groups as well as the brutality of academic writing workshops, the question i would have is what are you expecting from the feedback? I ask this only because some people seeking feedback are looking for encouragement whereas others are seeking down-in-the-weeds (constructive) criticism. And I have to confess the use of the word “beta” – a techie term in my limited experience – in regards to a writing group is a bit confusing, i.e. i don’t thing of rough drafts as beta versions. But that’s just me maybe being a bit too old school.

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    1. Hi, thanks for the comment. I agree about the term ‘beta reader’. I don’t particularly like it – just using it because it seems to be an identifiable term for many. “What type of feedback?” is a central question – absolutely! Weeding is definitely something I am looking for – that’s why I posted this, really. I kind find friends who will say “Good job!” – that is lovely and supportive and I appreciate it as such, but it doesn’t help me. Hearing what others ‘see’ when they read what I’ve written: the bones, the patterns, and the ephemeral spirit of it. I have learned the hard way that not everyone wants that kind of feedback (overzealous ‘helper’ of friends and classmates in years past), and so I appreciate your question. I am more than happy to exchange feedback with someone who would be interested in that. But I do understand the busy-ness of life. Thank you again. Best, Nadia


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