Lost Documents

Lost Documents Literary Magazine is a Nova Scotia based new publication that is accepting submissions for both fiction and poetry at lostdocuments.ns@gmail.com. They accept submissions from all over the world, there is no fee for submission, and their turnaround time was just over two months – not bad!

They have just accepted a piece of flash fiction of mine, and I could not be more delighted!

As a very new press, they are in the process of evolving and growing, and are, at present, non paying. If you see fit and are able to support their growth, they accept donations here.

In the beginning – 3LineTales


In the beginning, there was everything. It defied description, spanning all dimensions and all facets of possibility. But we insisted that it take shape; some form that we could grasp, manipulate, and order – forgetting to dissolve into it entirely, which would have ultimately served us better. Such are some days… good morning; here goes another!


Check out Sonya’s 3 Lines Tales weekly challenge! It’s fun to participate and see everyone else’s interpretation of her weekly photo prompt. 🙂

The photo is by NASA – see Sonya’s post (link above) for the full link.



This is part of Sonya’s 3 Line Tales weekly prompt! Photo by Erol Ahmed.

She paused at the wooden box overflowing with lemons. Their scent always reminded her of home. But then again – it was never quite right; there was something missing, every time. Maybe the ocean sounds, maybe the distinct belligerence of the Costa Brava gulls. Something that kept the memories just beyond her reach. Hmm…she toyed with the fruit, picking one up and then another, gently pressing the flesh between her fingers. With a sigh, she motioned to the stall proprietor. He raised his head from his magazine and began to place lemons into a paper bag.

“Just a few,” she nodded. “For lemonade.”