White Stag- 3 Line Tales


There was always a shift in the air before the white stag appeared. A silver-edged dissonance that ran up her spine and made her temples throb. This time was no different. As she stood, balancing the buckets she’d filled in the Lake, languid snowflakes began to fall, covering the graying grasses around her.  It’s only once each year, she reassured herself. She tilted her head and caught her reflection in the water: two black eyes gazed back at her, framed by majestic, shimmering antlers. Where she’d stood, an emerald hue emerged within the grass, and it followed translucent footprints to the village.

© Nadia Brown

Glad to be participating in Sonya’s 3 Line Tales!

Photo by Rebecca Johnson


Yellow Chair Review – Flash Fiction

Well, this is cool. The Yellow Chair Review is a lovely online literary journal that publishes poetry, fiction, and nonfiction on a quarterly basis. Check it out! I am absolutely honoured to have one of my stories included in their latest Issue. You can read it here, if you like.

Here’s to a positive, creative, and productive day!




Words, unspoken,

Stain these hours

With a faintly marbled hue.

© Nadia Brown

Photo from Wallpaperfolder.com