Harvest – tlt week 24


Hanging in the air

The sweet, raw smells of harvest

Fading in the sun

© Nadia Brown

Farm and country – and all the smells, textures, sounds that go along with them – are my happy place. Born and raised in the city, the constrained bustle of it has always felt confining; it’s never been ‘home’.

Thank you, Sonya, for this 3 Line Tales weekly photo prompt!

Photo by Emiel Molenaar, who has some gorgeous photos on his website!!

Lost Documents

Lost Documents Literary Magazine is a Nova Scotia based new publication that is accepting submissions for both fiction and poetry at lostdocuments.ns@gmail.com. They accept submissions from all over the world, there is no fee for submission, and their turnaround time was just over two months – not bad!

They have just accepted a piece of flash fiction of mine, and I could not be more delighted!

As a very new press, they are in the process of evolving and growing, and are, at present, non paying. If you see fit and are able to support their growth, they accept donations here.